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Strategic Thinking/Planning/Execution

Thinking, Planning & Execution. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else. Leaders have to create the future for their organizations – otherwise someone else will.

High-performing organizations have a plan. That plan is typically the product of a strategic planning meeting by the senior management team. Would you perform surgery on yourself? Probably not. It’s unrealistic to expect you to lead the meeting, watch meeting dynamics, think about and comment on issues, take notes, and keep the meeting on track while keeping your personal biases in check.

You need an outside pro with a neutral perspective and a fresh set of eyes.

Arrow G Consulting has 10+ years in planning and leading strategic planning sessions and providing help with the accountability that is essential for execution. We’ll help you and your team produce a workable plan that all participants agree to implement and stick to throughout the year when the going gets tough.


Mission-Vision-Values Development

Culture is always “on” – every organization has one, and an organization’s culture starts with why the group or company exists, and what it aspires to bring about in the world. Research data has consistently demonstrated that engaged employees who believe in their organization’s mission and vision produce higher quality work, and have a lower turnover rate.

Does your organization have a mission? Vision? Values?

Are those ideas only captured on fancy framed posters in the office? Or is your culture a way of working every day? How are your employees connecting with each other and with leadership in your organization?

Arrow G helps leaders understand their current culture, and crafts custom solutions to establish or refine the critical building blocks of culture. This foundation is key to a healthy and productive organization, and our clients are able to attract and retain quality talent as a result.


Leadership & Employee Development

Not having the leadership talent needed for future plans is consistently a top concern for most leaders. Identifying those employees best suited for the job and figuring out how to train them can be tricky and complicated.

Arrow G can help you develop reliable, time-tested processes for the getting the right people in the right seats, with confidence.

Research shows that people in organizations who focus on developing their employees, through training and other development experiences, perform up to 25% better than their peers, are 29% more committed, and are up to 40% more likely to stay with the organization.

Ask us how Arrow G can help you sharpen your competitive edge with better employee training.


Executive Coaching

Even world-class champions in their fields — Steve Jobs, Peyton Manning, Tom Hanks — have or had coaches. Why? High-performing leaders realize that they can’t see their own throw (or swing or jump or performance), and that they need feedback from a trusted advisor if they’re going to win big.

A clear and honest understanding of oneself and of others is the necessary foundation for improved performance, in any endeavor. Arrow G’s coaching clients report increased clarity, focus, and a feeling of empowerment when interacting with their employees, leading to stronger teams that deliver more profitable results.


Employee Communication

In our experience, most organizations under-communicate with their employees. In the absence of information, employees will fill in the blanks themselves. It’s human nature. But failing to communicate effectively can wreak havoc on your organizational culture and productivity, if not addressed.

We can help you develop a specific communication intervention – or a complete communication plan – that is clear, simple, and easy to implement. Plus our solutions are free from corporate gobbledegook and the kind of business buzzwords that water down most organizational communications today.


Team Effectiveness

Teams, whether small groups focused on a specific task, or entire departments managing complex processes, conduct the lion’s share of any organizations work. How those groups perform together can make or break any business plan, no matter how well thought out. That’s because bringing people together to achieve a common purpose can get messy, resulting in sub par performance, wasted time, and missed opportunities.

Arrow G uses a variety of proven approaches to help teams grow and excel so that people understand their roles, groups thrive, and organizational performance soars.

With appropriate use of assessments, coaching, workshops, and / or training, we help teams achieve a higher level of functioning and profitability, in keeping with your vision and organizational culture.


Supervisor & Manager Training

Managers and supervisors create and influence the quality of work experience (good or otherwise) for your employees every day.

The nature of these experiences, in aggregate over time, literally defines your company’s long-term results, and the health of your culture.

So it’s essential that managers and supervisors – new to the organization, or newly promoted – are aligned to your leadership culture quickly. Arrow G’s custom approach will help you construct a program to ramp individual leaders and managers up quickly, while ensuring your workforce remains engaged, thus avoiding a decrease in performance.


Talent Acquisition

According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is the result of bad hiring decisions. That’s because the effectiveness of an organization’s hiring process is an oft-overlooked contributor to the profitability and success — or lack thereof — of that organization.

Like Sam Walton says: “The single most important decision managers make is who they allow in the door.”

So finding the right people, and retaining them, is key.

While we are not a recruiting agency, Arrow G has extensive experience with designing and implementing overall recruiting processes that are disciplined and focused – so that your talent acquisition efforts bring in the best talent possible for your organization.


New Hire On-Boarding

Once you identify the kind of talent you need to hire, welcoming them as a part of the team once they’re on site can be a demanding process.

It’s more than a logoed mug and a mouse pad. Research shows that a typical new hire’s decision about staying with an organization long-term is made in the first 30 days with the organization.
Is your new hire orientation all about the paperwork, signatures, and company policies and procedures?

Let’s fix that.

Arrow G has deep experience in designing and delivering programs that get new employees connected to and aligned with the company strategy and culture quickly. This early connection leads to increased loyalty and job fulfillment, making it easier for employees to say “no” to outside job offers because they feel invested. Take that, competition!


Interim HR Leadership

Even a temporary gap in the daily focus on people, HR systems, servicing clients, and HR cost management can result in short-term business losses. Without clear strategic and tactical direction, the HR function can lose focus quickly. Arrow G can provide an immediate, viable solution.

Whether you need an HR professional to cover periods of leave or absence, to assist during peak workload times, or to provide consistent on-site HR leadership during ad-hoc project delivery, our 25 years of leadership, operations, and HR experience means we’re uniquely positioned to help.


Compensation Design

It’s a competitive jungle out there. Acquiring and retaining the best talent possible is essential to staying ahead of your competitors. A well-crafted, total rewards plan that attracts, motivates, and retains high-quality talent is a must-have foundation for your hiring process.

From compensation to benefits to career growth, your plan must harmonize a wide array of key components into an appealing

package that helps your organization keep and sharpen its edge, but doesn’t break the bank.

Arrow G can help you implement a design that is tailored to your business strategy, or help address critical gaps in your existing offerings.


Business Process Improvement

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, it’s easy to feel like there’s a better way to do things. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle to know how to initiate needed changes or improvements without shutting everything down, or starting over from scratch. In those cases, you need a fresh set of eyes to make an unbiased, no-nonsense appraisal of how business is conducted in your organization, and then help you chart a way forward.

We are pathologically curious about understanding the intricate inner workings of businesses, regardless of function or discipline. Combined with our engineering/analytical background, and experience with process flow charts and value stream maps, we help clients uncover areas of losses and inefficiencies in their operations – and develop innovative, effective solutions that reduce costs and improve profitability.

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