Coffee isn't what's stunting your company's growth.

We help leaders install a solid foundation of simple processes and tools that actually sticks – one that helps them to stop fighting day-to-day fires and start working on the business and not just in it.

How We Help

Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Execution

Without a clear destination, your company has no direction for growth. We’ll walk alongside you to create a vision for the future of your organization.

Learn how we helped a 200-employee manufacturing company address missed opportunities, miscommunication, and missteps in production among its three locations in three states.

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Mission, vision, and values development

Culture is your foundation and how your organization approaches every situation. We’ll find ways to translate your mission and values to better reflect your vision for your company.

Discover how we helped an international industrial business build a $300 million engineering/manufacturing center ahead of schedule with the right culture.

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Leadership & Employee Development

Developing leadership talent is how your business will grow. We want to identify, train, and empower the next generation of leaders in your company.

Find out how we helped a global pharmaceutical firm address attrition issues at a vulnerable management level that was inhibiting their growth.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Kurt executes and delivers with high levels of clarity and quality.

- Ron W.

Kurt provided quality, principled personnel interventions into an organization that is young and managing multiple transitions. He brought important counsel and resolution to some tough issues that had not been brought to closure in the past.

- Betsy C.

Kurt did a great job in leading the planning and delivery of the first-ever international new-hire on-boarding program for our global business unit. Our program was later adopted by the company as the model for the corporate program.

- Dennis S.

The recruitment process implemented by Kurt has been recognized as a global best practice in our company. Good team leader, strong in planning, good understanding of business requirements.

- Kasia Z.

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