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Companies come to us when their people and team processes are no longer keeping up with where they’re trying to go.

Strategy. Execution. Culture.

We help leaders improve their team and organization effectiveness. We review where they are, design people programs that fit with their culture, and even help them implement the solutions, so that they can keep focusing on their customers and their business.

Recent Projects


A company embarking on a $300 million manufacturing and engineering center startup, employing 280 people, needed us to lead the HR effort.


We jump-started the lagging recruitment campaign through establishment of a custom, four-point hiring plan, setting up basic processes and disciplines for recruiting excellence, including daily manager involvement and a recruiting War Room with a battle wall. We also leveraged a recruitment process outsourcing solution (RPO), comprised of dedicated sourcing and screening support, online candidate skill and cultural fit assessment, and behavior-based interview methodology.


Our actions were recognized as an internal company best practice, resulting in over 50 successful international assignments completed with no incident, saving the company more than $150,000 annually compared to the former approach.


The leaders of a 22-year old family-owned manufacturing business with $35 million in annual sales and 200 employees struggled to coordinate operations among three locations, due to rapid growth and increasing business complexity.


We partnered with the CEO to initiate and drive key elements of the company’s first-ever strategy development and deployment process, including creating mission, vision and values, a business plan closely tied to manufacturing capabilities, and a performance management program to link employees’ daily work to mission and objectives.


Our actions resulted in greater alignment and accountability for the executive team, decreased competition and better collaboration among sites and their leaders, and an energized, motivated workforce who could see how their jobs connected to the goals of the company. Results improved to such an extent that the business later attracted joint-venture inquiries.


The R&D division of a global pharmaceutical company needed to address unusually high turnover of Ph.D.-level laboratory scientist supervisors.


We identified root causes for attrition and recommended key improvements to the hiring process. Our thorough review of exit interview data to identify common themes, combined with the use of critical incidents technique to align 60 senior leaders on the key selection criteria most important to position success, led to an increased focus on the importance of people skills and less emphasis on academic achievement during the selection process.


We successfully defended findings and recommendations to top 100+ Ph.D. managers in the division, which resulted in division leadership embracing and implementing a more coordinated, targeted selection process closely linked to success in the position. Improved talent acquisition techniques were widely shared to other parts of the company.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Kurt executes and delivers with high levels of clarity and quality.”

— Ron W., CEO/Owner, Metal Machining/Manufacturing Company

“The recruitment process implemented by Kurt has been recognized as a global best practice in our company. Good team leader, strong in planning, good understanding of business requirements.”

— Kasia Z.

HR Director

“Kurt did a great job in leading the planning and delivery of the first-ever international new-hire on-boarding program for our global business unit. Our program was later adopted by the company as the model for the corporate program.”

— Dennis S.

Vice President

“Kurt provided quality, principled personnel interventions into an organization that is young and managing multiple transitions. He brought important counsel and resolution to some tough issues that had not been brought to closure in the past.”

— Betsy C.

HR Director

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