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Preparing for 2023: Key Factors for Business Leaders

Recently the Vistage Confidence Index fell to 69.0, one of the lowest Index readings recorded since the Before Times (March 2020). While supply-chain glitches have eased somewhat, recession concerns continue and challenges in finding and keeping talent persist for most employers. Here are three key factors for you to consider as you prepare strategic plans… Read more »

The Cheapest Way to Improve Profitability

Inflation. Supply chain woes. Gasoline prices. Talent shortages. The R-word That Must Not Be Named (shhh, you’ll make it happen!). Recently Vistage members in Knoxville spent a morning with expert speaker Xavier Douwes. He opened his presentation with this pithy remark: “Operations is really the non-sexy secret to success in every business.” (Proof: 35,000 business… Read more »